I Am Me

cover bookFinding our place in the world can be hard. Sometimes we’re dealt more than we think we can handle. But the truth is, we can handle anything. In life, no matter where we are from, what we know or don’t know, or how we see the world, we always have one thing in common. We’re here, and we’re super.

I Am Me is a book that addresses the ideal that we were all created to be just exactly as we are.

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The story is heartfelt and honest and acts as a mantra of sorts for anyone and everyone, but especially for individuals who are “different” in society’s eyes. Children, parents, friends, and families of individuals with Down syndrome (or any human being) need not be afraid of the unknown or the different because we are all amazing, super, and created as who we are meant to be. It’s all about appreciating diversity AND celebrating it!

I wrote I Am Me out of love and support for my son Jameson “Jay”. Jay has Down syndrome and it is my goal as his mother, and advocate, to make sure he knows (and the world!) that he is super just the way he is. As the book says, “You are you and I am me, just exactly how life is meant to be.”

You will gravitate to this book for its supportive message and a universal feeling of comfort through community. I Am Me is the perfect gift for parents, family members, and kids in search of a book with a heartfelt understanding of what it is like to support, to know, to raise, and to love someone a little Extra.

Special Thanks: Thank you to the 45+ donors who gave to this book project on the GoFundMe page. Your support, encouragement, and belief in what I Am Me could be is why it is now published.

Poppin Huis in Holland, MI will donate $3.21 (for Trisomy 21 Down syndrome) of every book sold in-store and online at poppinhuis.com

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