Well, hello there! I am so glad you found my little creative space.

I consider myself a writer. I like to spend my working time creating strong content for businesses and nonprofits. If you’re looking for copywriting, content strategy and planning, or campaign development work, we may want to work together!

On the personal side, I dabble in short stories and poems. And like many writers, someday I’d like to tackle a novel but I’m not there yet. I did self publish a children’s book titled I Am Me/Yo so yo in 2019 that I wrote for my son Jameson. Since that time, I’ve logged that nearly 7,000 books have made it out into the world and counting!

Writing makes me happy. I have a Master’s in Organizational Communication with a love for mission-driven work. I am mother to two sons, one who has Down syndrome, as well as an energetic cocker spaniel. I’m married to my high school sweetheart.

I write for two reasons: (1) to share my life experience in an effort to connect with others and (2) to help businesses and nonprofits define, refine, and execute brand content for blogs, websites, social media, and print marketing campaigns.

On the Blog

Blog posts include Our Diagnosis Story and other experiences like Locked Out, Mommy and Me Gymnastics, and There’s Nothing Wrong. All stories of the moments that make our lives fuller because of a little ‘extra’.

Additional Background

After earning a Master’s degree from Western Michigan University in 2014, I decided to stay in West Michigan rather than pursue a PhD at an out-of-state program. Over the course of the last half-decade my work roles have been in both for and non-profit marketing, digital advertising, workshop and training facilitation, event planning, project management, communication, and social media.

I write for fun and self published the book I Am Me in 2019 for her Jameson, my son who has Down syndrome. “Jay has Down syndrome and it is my goal as his mother, and advocate, to make sure he knows (and the world!) that he is super just the way he is. As the book says, ‘You are you and I am me, just exactly how life is meant to be.'”

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