Wild Woops

A little something written with youngsters in mind. 

Woop there it is! Wiggle, waddle, widdle, woo, with one blue eye and a giant grin, the Wild Woops are back again.

They sing, they dance, they jump, they play. They stay up all night and sleep all day!

Waggle, widdle, waddle, wood, the Wild Woops know just how to lighten the mood.

“You can do it! You’re awesome! You’re amazing! You’re kind!” They’ll say it every day, all day, all the time!

Wiggle, waddle, widdle, woo, the Woops will make a dreamer out of you.

“Think big, think small, think grand, think tall. Your dreams can be anything at all!”

They say it with gusto, they say it with might, the Wild Woops are the kindest, all right.

Waggle, widdle, waddle, woo, Wild Woops inspire in all that they do.

They give, they motivate, they grow, they learn. They volunteer often and donate what they earn.

Wiggle, waddle, widdle, woo, the Wild Woops are made of a little of me and a little of you.


They’re in your heart and in your mind. A voice of support, no matter what kind.

“You’re amazing! You’re funny! You’re smart! You’re wise.” They say it because they mean it, a Wild Woop never lies.

Waggle, widdle, waddle, when, the Wild Woops are love times ten.

They’ll love you when you’re happy and when you’re sad, when you’re scared, or when you’re angry or mad.

They’ll love you through it all because that’s just what they do.

Wiggle, waddle, widdle, woo, the Wild Woops always see the best in you, and I do, too!

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