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Edited and final: Honeybee I saw a little  honeybee, flying near a tree. He zoomed around in circles and landed on my knee. You might scream or run away, or maybe you would freeze, but I sat calmly as I watched and felt the… Continue Reading “Honeybee”

You Can’t Be An Expert At Everything

It’s true! You might be one of those people that can pickup new skills or ideas like you’ve known about them all along, but there are some things that simply don’t come naturally to you. You don’t have time to be an expert at… Continue Reading “You Can’t Be An Expert At Everything”

Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Work Day

When I’m focused, intentional, and in the groove, I feel unstoppable.

Website Content

Strong website content is specific, clear, concise, and focused.

Quotes that Inspire Me

I am the result of my experiences. We all are.

Blogging For Businesses

Blogging gets your business more online visibility and is the perfect place to give your customers insight into your work and brand.