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Self published in 2019, I’ve logged that nearly 7,000 books have made it out into the world and counting!

I Am Me/Yo soy yo

Available in Spanish!  “Yo soy yo, y eso es todo lo que necesito ser. I am me, and that is all I need to be.” 

About the Book 

Finding our place in the world can be hard. Sometimes we’re dealt more than we think we can handle. But the truth is, we can handle anything. In life, no matter where we are from, what we know or don’t know, or how we see the world, we always have this in common: We’re here, we’re super, and we’re already who we are meant to be.

Para encontrar a nuestro lugar en el mundo puede ser difícil. A veces tenemos más que creemos es posible a manejar. Pero la verdad es que podemos manejar cualquier cosa. En la vida, sin importa de donde somos, que sabemos o no sabemos o como vimos el mundo, siempre tenemos esas cosas en común: estamos aquí, somos súper, y ya somos quien somos destinados a ser.

I Am Me is a book with the message that we were all created to be just exactly as we are.

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The story that is I Am Me is heartfelt and honest and acts as a mantra of sorts for anyone and everyone, but especially for individuals who are “different” in society’s eyes. Children, parents, friends, and families of individuals with Down syndrome (or any human being) need not be afraid of the unknown or the different because we are all amazing, super, and created as who we are meant to be. It’s all about appreciating diversity AND celebrating it!

I wrote I Am Me out of love and support for my son Jameson “Jay”. Jay has Down syndrome and it is my goal as his mother, and advocate, to make sure he knows (and the world!) that he is super just the way he is. As the book says, “You are you and I am me, just exactly how life is meant to be.”

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You will gravitate to this book for its supportive message and a universal feeling of comfort through community. I Am Me is the perfect gift for parents, family members, and kids in search of a book with a heartfelt understanding of what it is like to support, to know, to raise, and to love someone a little Extra.

Special Thanks: Thank you to the 45+ donors who gave to this book project on the GoFundMe page. Your support, encouragement, and belief in what I Am Me could be is why it is now published.

Illustrations by Ashley Bryant. View more of her work at

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  1. Hi Katelyn. My name is Dan and I just saw your story on Fox17. What an inspiration you are and the book looks awesome, nice job. My wife Sheila and I along with our 2 children are adopting a 2 year old boy from China who has Down syndrome. We hope and pray that Lord willing, we can travel as early as February to go pick him up. I work at Hope College and would love to connect with your family sometime if that works out and get to know you. Thanks again.

    • Dan, thank you for reaching out! Congratulations on your little one to be. How wonderful and exciting for your family.
      We’d be happy to connect after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Keep in touch!

  2. My name is Ryan Krygier and I have Spina Bifida, age 43. I love seeing the kinds of things / what trying to promote here. I have a Spina Bifida FB Page (group): Everyone Being Aware of Spina Bifida. Anyone is welcome to look it up on FB and request to join the page / group. I also teach school and would share this book there.

    • Ryan, thank you for your note. I will look up your Facebook group. Please feel free to share the book and message – we’re all exactly who we are meant to be. <3

  3. We read the book in our first grade classroom in Arcadia, Ohio. Maggie Sandor is in our class and she brought it to school today. We LOVE this book, Maggie says “Thank you, Aunt KK.” We also say “Thank you!”

    • Mrs. Lauck and class, thank you so much for your kind note. I am so glad you all enjoyed I Am Me and the message that we are all exactly who we are meant to be!

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