Giving Promise

As the author of I Am Me, mother to my son Jameson who has Down syndrome, and a person who recognizes the power of giving to create good, I am committed to donating a portion of Super Jay Brand profits to organizations providing resources and support for individuals and families in need.

  1. Super Jay Brand will donate $3.21 of every full price item sold directly from my website.
  2. Super Jay Brand will donate 5% of all discounted bulk orders of 10 or more books and other products with the I Am Me message.
  3. Super Jay Brand will work directly with stores to help them develop their giving goals and make a commitment to donating a portion of their Super Jay Brand sales to a local nonprofit that provides services in their community.

Why $3.21? The brand is inspired by Jameson. He’s a super, kind, and energetic human who is one of the lucky few born with Trisomy 21. In support of Jameson, we give.

Super Jay love.png

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