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My husband Ben and I are part-owners of Poppin Huis in Holland, MI. The Super Jay Brand originated there in 2019 with the goal of celebrating the fact that we are all created to be just exactly as we are. After a year exclusively at Poppin Huis, Super Jay Brand became its own business with the mission of giving back to communities nationwide.

Super Jay Brand can be incorporated in any business or store looking to make a direct connection to their local community through product sales and related donations. In just 5 simple steps, your business can make a tangible difference in your community!

  1. Let me know you’re interested in bringing Super Jay Brand to your business
  2. Decide on a donation amount (You could opt for $3.21 per item or a percentage of the sale price per item) and stick to it
  3. Select a local nonprofit to share sales donations in the current year and let them know of your plans to support their mission
    • Example: Dear DSAWM, we’re committed to community at Poppin Huis and we want to support your outreach efforts and programming in 2020. We will be donating $3.21 of every Super Jay Brand item sold in-store and online to your organization this year! Please let us know if you have any questions. We’d love to promote this commitment and social good promise. Please send along the best logo file and mission statement you’d like us to share as we support DSAWM this year.
  4. Set a Super Jay Brand sales goal (100 items in 2020 – donate $321!) and promote it. *Sample promotional language available upon request.
  5. Purchase wholesale Super Jay Brand items including the I Am Me book, mugs, and dolls. You select one or more items from your store inventory to include in your Super Jay Brand promise.
    • Example: Poppin Huis is a gourmet popcorn shop and they created a specialty popcorn blend called Super Jay 3.21 Blend. This specialty blend includes 3 flavors (caramel, cheddar, and butter) in a 21-cup bag. Poppin Huis sells this custom blend for $13.21 and donates $3.21.

To learn more about how to get involved and incorporate the Super Jay Brand social good commitment at your business, contact Katelyn Herrygers.

Participating Businesses

  • In 2019 and 2020, for every Super Jay brand item sold in-store and online, Poppin Huis donates $3.21 to the Down syndrome Association of West Michigan. From t-shirts to dolls, mugs to books, if it’s part of the brand, Poppin Huis promises to donate $3.21.

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Super Jay brand dolls, leggings, teethers, lovies, and bibs are made by an Allegan, MI based artisan. Shop AMarieHandmade’s work on her Etsy page.

Click here to buy a custom I Am Me Super Jay Doll for $30 plus S&H. 

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