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Mowers and Leaf Blowers

Jameson is 6. Maxwell is 16 months. Regardless of their age difference, they are both currently enthralled by the machinery lawn care and landscaping companies employ. “What’s that noise?” Jay will say if he hears even the faintest buzz of a blower. Max’s eyebrows… Continue Reading “Mowers and Leaf Blowers”

Travel Success

We recently went on a trip to Florida. It was a first for both boys. As I am not much of a long distance driving fan, we opted to fly. To prepare Jay for the big day, we did a lot of talking about… Continue Reading “Travel Success”

A Mother’s Day Reflection

Welcome, Maxwell! Jay is officially a big brother and absolutely stellar at it. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure a second baby was for us. It’s hard to think about how to share your love. Jay has been our focus for so long and… Continue Reading “A Mother’s Day Reflection”

A gift upon the world

Jay’s Spark   Today you are one day older than you were yesterday.  And tomorrow you will be one day older than you are today.  When you were born, you were small and needed special care.  From warm snuggles, to diaper changes, to help sewing… Continue Reading “A gift upon the world”