A gift upon the world

Jay’s Spark  

Today you are one day older than you were yesterday. 

And tomorrow you will be one day older than you are today. 

When you were born, you were small and needed special care. 

From warm snuggles, to diaper changes, to help sewing your torn teddy bear.  

You always had this something—your you-ness, a spark. 

I think of it like a glowing light—a firefly pulsing in the dark. 

Everyone who met you then could see your special glow. 

And even now your warmth and love are always on overflow. 

First, you learned to coo, and then you began to giggle.

You rocked your body back and forth and started to wag and wiggle. 

One day you held your head up high—all on your own. 

And another day you pulled yourself up, like a King posing by his throne. 

Eventually you began to scoot along the floor.

 “He could be a mop!” I said as you dusted door to door. 

As soon as you could hear and feel music playing loud or hushed, 

You bobbed and weaved to the rhythm, working hard until you blushed. 

In time, you were able to stand with your arms spread open wide.

Balancing your whole body without anyone by your side. 

You took one step, and then two, and then many more. 

And each step took you further than you’d ever gone before. 

Puzzles, toys, and movies became your favorite things to do. 

And while watching you’d pretend that you were in the show, too! 

I look at you today and you are glowing, brave, confident, and strong.

I am honored to be your mom and so happy you groove to your own song.


When the sun goes down and bright stars glitter in the sky,  

Another day is in the past, and tomorrow rises high. 

You’ll keep growing and learning as each fresh morning makes its mark. 

Because your biggest gift upon the world, my child, is your ever-glowing spark.

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